Discover How Our Members Are Going From Getting Their Ass Kicked, To Kicking Ass In A Body That They Thought Wasn't Possible 
Wake Up & Smell The Coffee ...

we get it ... we truly do ...

what your about to embark on is frightening ...

the thought of finding your old gym clothes ...

walking into somewhere new ..

being the "new person" ...

not being as "fit" as everyone else ..

afraid of looking stupid ...

being out of breath ...

well it's scary ... (VERY)

change is scary ...

But over years we have recognised that struggling people need more than just a workout & fancy machines to transform. They need ..

> a supportive community of people who "get them" 

> mentors who see "what they can do" not what they cant

> a place where your recognised for your small achievements as much as the big

> a place that actually cares about your progress not just your money

> a place that provides support around the clock

> a place that continually encourages you to break out of your "norm" and take on fresh exciting challenges 

This is why we created Live Life Light. To have a home from home where we can become a success again ...

But you ultimately have a choice ..

and i say a "choice"

because where you go from here is in your hands

you didn't land on our page by accident ..

your here because of what we have done to the lives of people who had the


we removed their fear ..

we welcomed them into our community

we listened to them ...

& devised a plan of action ..

to get them back in their skinny clothes ..

> by developing a simple, uncomplicated exercise routine

> a food plan that was flexible to fit in your nights out but effective to hit your targets ..

> a tracking system where we can easily tell you about your body results

so you've heard great things ..

your seen life changing results ..

and im telling you straight ..

you are in the safest hands with us!

so back to "the choice"

you clicked onto our page because

1) your unhappy

2) you want improvement

now, your choice is this ..

im not going to lie to you ..

change is hard ...

but its no harder than staying in a body

and living a life your unhappy with ..

so either choice ..

change or staying the same IS HARD ...

What i promise you is this ..

with our support ..

inside and outside of the gym ..

you will feel more energised

than you have felt in years ..

so whether your a busy mum ...

a dad with limited time ...

a grandparent who wants to play with the grandkids ..

whatever your reason is ...

we have changed the lives of people ...

> people who have "lost their way" and want to get back to their "old self"

> people who had control of every area but their body

> people who have had their confidence taken away from them

> people who are constantly telling people they are "OK" when they are not

so maybe ...just maybe ..

instead of you looking after everyone else ...

... and running yourself ragged ...

maybe its "your time"

you surely must remember a time when 

> you could slip into any clothes you wanted (and out)

> a time when you could walk into any clothes shop and buy whatever you want ...

> where your confidence didn't hold you back ...

> a time where you could have sex with the lights on

our mission is to get you back to


and we would love you to become

apart of our community of successful friends ..

you do want to change, don't you?

you do deserve the best, don't you?

you have been wanting this for a while, haven't you?

you want to be in the best hands, don't you?

if the answers are yes ...

then it leaves me one final question ..


Marks body (and life) transformed after he joined us. Not only did he lose ALOT OF FAT. But he came out of his shell and actually had the confidence to be the person he wanted to be.
Ally being a mother of 2 always found it hard to prioritse time for her and to maintain her weight. Check out what happened when she enrolled on our transformation challenge
Leighton might be smiling in his before picture but that smile was hiding the fact that he wasn't really happy with his body and wanted change ... and the rest as they say is history
HELEN walked up and down our road for 20 minutes before deciding to come in and join us. 12 MONTHS LATER SHE WAS 12 STONE LIGHTER.
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6:30am - 12:30pm

Live Life Light, Greenfield Place, Rhyl, Denbighshire, LL18 2BP
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